Abilis VMX

Run Virtual Machines
on the same device as your router and PBX

Extending the all-in one
principle to applications

Abilis’s hypervisor VMX unlocks the power of modern multi-core CPUs by allowing to run applications on them, without compromising in any way the performance of Abilis’s router and PBX capabilities, as they directly use completely separate system resources.

Linux or Windows, Abilis will have no trouble to host native OSs.

Advantages of Abilis VMX

Merging telecom and networking requirements with application-level solutions makes installations more compact and reduces wiring: the advantages are most evident for multi-site businesses.

Making an entire ITC system redundant with Abilis is as easy as using two identical Abilis VMX machines, and in any situation, rebooting the VM hypervisor doesn’t interrupt any other Abilis functionality.

The ability to include proprietary software together with telecom functionality in a single machine allows also telecom operators to provide more services to the end user, thus increasing profitability.