Abilis SoftPBX

Automate your existing business phone lines seamlessly

Lines and calls automation with Abilis’s SoftPBX

Abilis automates phone lines without requirements to replace existing systems, regardless of the technology being digital or analog.

Calls can be automated and managed through the graphical operator panel: calls can be monitored and operations can be performed with the use of simple controls.

SoftPBX Operator panel

The soperator panel is a webpage that shows the current status of the phones connected to Abilis in detail, such as incoming and outgoing calls numbers, call history, forwarding options, and comprehensive statistical data. The information shown can be restricted by setting permissions.

Functions typical of call-centers can be performed: calls can be started, paused, transferred, interrupted, and planned in the queue manager, and settings can be applied: forwarding, DND, call recording, interactive answering, voice mail…

All of the settings and operations described above can be applied regardless of the technology the phone is based on.