Abilis VPN Router

Create large private networks for data, voice and video, satisfying any safety and backup requirement without compromising performance

Versatile VPN networks

Abilis allows for the creation of VPN networks with complete freedom, using any network from any supplier.

Abilis is also able to use those lines to grant direct access to Internet.

Speed and reliability can be improved through line bundling, and through the use of different technologies such as mobile networks and ISDN lines for backup purposes.

Line Bundling

Abilis’s router is able to bundle different lines by applying IP Load Balancing with its .
This allows to reach either greater speeds, or to reach high degrees of reliability even in an area served by cheap and unstable networks.

The presence of a Gateway in the cloud (which can either be shared or dedicated) guarantees static IP addresses regardless of the connections in use.

Abilis’s line bundling system also guarantees uptime by automatically reverting to functioning lines in case a connection fails.

Internet Router

Abilis can be used for direct access to internet, and allows for safe and monitored connections.

The interface of Abilis includes a range of tools that allow to monitor the traffic of the network’s users, this to allow preventing congestions and abuses. The system is also able to recognize interruptions and to alert the network administrator.

Abilis does it better

Abilis is a high performance device, and can connect to up to 1000 remote VPN destinations without detectable slowdowns.

Abilis also optimizes connections by applying compression to outgoing IP datagrams.

IP-SEC, VRRP, OSPF, PPP, Source Routing, DiffServ, SpeedLimit, IP shaping… any network requirement can be satisfied.