Turn your smartphone into a virtual phone
connected to your business’s phone system

Your business phone, anywhere

AbilisPhone is an Android and iOS softphone that connects to your company’s Abilis switchboard, and works anywhere, even in absence of internet coverage.

AbilisPhone offers all the benefits of using the company’s phone network, together with useful tools such as the shared company phone book (based on LDAP), a call recorder and instant messaging.

Added value of AbilisPhone

When Abilis is covered by a good data link (mobile network, Wi-Fi…), the application registers to the company’s switchboard, and the app allows the phone to operate entirely as a company phone and operate calls over VoIP, which can be encrypted.

When there is no or little internet coverage, AbilisPhone is still able to operate using the regular GSM/GPRS network, using the post-selection and call-back features.

All the calls run through the company’s IT&C systems, and benefit from Abilis’s PBX automation.