1. About Abilis CPX

1.1. General description

  • Abilis is a PC based product featuring high modularity, flexibility and scalability. It can be the only telecom appliance in the branch offices, as well at the headquarters.
  • Abilis has been planned to optimize corporations’ networks (telephone-data integration), reducing costs and improving services.
  • Abilis is the ideal product for multi-site entities. Thanks to Abilis systems they can use VPN (Virtual Private Network), transfer secret data (coded connections) and make VolP calls (for free!), reducing drastically the cost of inter-company calls.
  • Abilis can support any protocol and can be installed between the customer systems (IP net and switchboard) and the telecommunication lines (PSTN, ISDN, GSM, UMTS, LTE, ADSL, xDSL, radio link, etc.) in a completely transparent way, without the need to change existing equipment.

1.2. Abilis CPX structure

The internal structure of Abilis CPX is represented in the following scheme.


Hardware is composed of devices which provide an interface to different kinds of networks (Internet, ISDN, GSM, etc.).

The storage device is used to keep the operating system, the configuration and log files; generally, it’s a Compact Flash, or optionally a Hard Disk.

A Watchdog is dedicated to the control of the normal operational cycle.

The software is made up of different modules (or resources) providing a full scale of services.

There are three ways to configure Abilis:

  • Using the Control Port that allows configuration and supervising functions.
  • Using the Web Interface which allows to do many but not all operations.
  • Using the config.exe utility program which is a console mode Windows application which precisely reproduces the same Control Port interface and command language available on a working Abilis CPX.

Simplest operations, like software installation or recovery, can also be done using the front panel of MFIDE module.

It’s also possible to configure Abilis CPX without connecting to the Control Port, using the config.exe utility program.