Is Abilis a good fit for my business?


Abilis provides the highest benefits to customers that require reliable, customizable and cost-effective IT and Telecom solutions

Abilis is ideal for

Customers who can benefit from direct contact with the product’s designer

Managers who prefer progressive innovation, billed as pay-per use, rather than committing to large network overhauls that require high initial investments

Businesses facing high telecom related expenses

People willing to have a better control of their networks

Abilis is not optimal for

Small businesses and residentials (unless organised in larger groups)

Users who do not see any benefit from the convergence of computers and communication

Firms preferring to outsource entirely their IT and Telecom system and management

Multi-site companies

Realise fast innovation in large companies with the least effort and investment: Abilis devices easily integrate within existing systems


Abilis can create VPNs for encrypted data, voice and video, and guarantees no performance loss.

Quality-of-service, load-balancing, automatic backup, data-compression, IP traffic shaping, firewalling and Traffic Analysis (both real-time and historical) is obtained with a single device.

Virtual Machines

VMX combines the standard Abilis CPX features with a platform to host stock Linux or Windows software.

This provides the opportunity to unify Router, Firewall, PBX, VoIP Gway, Accounting Software, File & MailServer, and many other company services into a single device, lowering maintenance costs.

Soft PBX

Interactive Voice Responder, electronic Address-Book, black and white lists, conditional call transfers, voice-mail, all those features help to reduce the manpower requirements of your phone lines.

All those features are available to all phones connected to Abilis, including smartphones thanks to the Abilisphone app.

VoIP carriers and System Integrators

Rock-solid reliability, speed and a wide range of services at a low cost makes Abilis ideal for professionals

VoIP carriers

Offer unique services such as automatic backup over ISDN and integration of fixed and mobile telephony without needing to be licenced as VMO.

Same reliability/quality as ISDN, seamless installation and exhaustive features facilitate noticeably the move to VoIP by large businesses.

System Integrators

Abilis allows to build reliable and simple systems for integrated communication and for building automation, while counting on the firsthand collaboration with Abilis developers to gain an edge over competitors.

Thanks to Abilis, SI are able to compete against the market leaders while bearing much lower costs.


Share Hardware, telecom lines and services

to serve hundreds of autonomous users


Link different departments to a common VPN and a shared computer-aided telephone network, assigning DDI phone numbers to each entity.

Telecom expenditures can be monitored timely and actively, and several expensive postal services can be replaced by cheaper automated SMS and e-mail communication.

Removing the Digital Divide

Houses or businesses located in remote areas can connect to internet providers while being outside their coverage area, using outdoor wireless links which once established cost nothing to maintain.

This system can be extended to create a network of wireless bridges, in this way providing internet to whole communities where previously no internet access was available.

Associations of users

Abilis allows to cut costs by sharing a number of bundled Internet lines, obtaining access to low-cost mobile telephony, eliminating fixed line fees and porting fixed telephone numbers to a VoIP carrier.

This solution is practical for many situations such as shops in a commercial centre, factories in an industrial zone, families in a residential building or households in a village: a single Abilis device supports the whole group.

Mobile/Remote setups

Integrate vehicles and temporary setups in your network fully,

making the most out of modern mobile networks


The Abilis technology permits to efficiently and quickly link any vehicle to their headquarters with voice, data and video services, using only the available mobile internet / GSM coverage.

The HQs are also able to read the geographic position of their vehicles and the information available from the board computer of the vehicle.

When a high level of continuity is required, Abilis can link the vehicle with more than one mobile network.

Remote Installations

Abilis devices have been successfully used at sea-platforms and at exploring expeditions in Himalaya and Amazonas, as the units can be easily linked to any terrestrial or satellite radio.

The required electrical power can be as low as 10 watts and the amount of bandwith required can be down to 6400 bit/sec only and still cover both voice and data.

Temporary Installations

Temporary installations, such as construction yards, can require a lot of telecom resources.

Abilis saves the time needed to obtain a connection to the fixed network and avoids expensive installation fees