Abilis Building Automation

Control sensors and devices in your building

Building automation,
made simple

Thanks to a range of accessories, Abilis can record data from sensors and pilot devices such as switches and dimmers, both wiredly and wirelessly.

Abilis controls the devices thanks to LUA scripts, however the user is not required to know how to code in LUA: Abilis offers a simplified interface to design the interactions, from which it will auto-generate the code.

RIO Devices

RIO is a family of of Abilis accessories that are used in building automation tasks.

RIO accessories collect data from the sensors and sends them to your Abilis: this data can be monitored or used as a trigger.
Those accessories also pilot a wide range of devices in a variety of ways, including web panels, phone calls and programmed rules.

RIO accessories are managed by the user in Abilis’s dedicated interface, which allows the users to program the automation rules. This is done using an excel-like grid and formulas to associate sensors to actuators and to define the logic of their interaction.

RVS Devices

RVS is a range of video-surveillance Abilis devices.

Those are smartphone-like micro cameras that offer high resolution and the ability to illuminate the scene with a flash when required.

As with all Abilis integrations, the video data is sent to the Abilis device and stored in a secure way, to guarantee privacy and confidentiality.