Why choose Abilis

From improving your ITC infrastructure to reliability and cost savings, Abilis is sure to strike a chord


Abilis integrates a large number of ITC features in a single device


Internet access with multiple lines

VPN router for 250 tunnels

IP-SEC server and client


Firewall and access filter

Automatic backup

Load balancing

Quality-of-service (DiffServ)

IP traffic shaping

PPPoE server and client


Embedded traffic- analyser


Web based softPBX

VoIP gateway

Fixed-mobile bridge

Call-log and statistics

LDAP Address-book


Voice-box to e-mail

Interactive attendant

Call conferencing



Priority calls


Video and Automation

Embedded video-recorder for IP cameras

Building-automation controller

Intercom to PBX connection

Embedded e-mail, FTP, SMS, LDAP servers

SMS to/from e-mail

GPS positioning

Automotive bus (CAN-FMS) connection


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Hardware simplification

Less is more

Cabling and space requirements are minimized

Dedicated rooms for ITC devices and servers, along with jungles of cables, will be a thing of the past.

Hardware installation and maintenance is reduced

The costs and logistics of creating and maintaining installations made of a large number of devices creates stress:

Abilis removes this problem by reducing the number of devices to a single one,

and removes any connected problems such as compatibility issues.

Air conditioning or ventilation is no longer required

Typical installation generate a large amount of heat, requiring the room to be air conditioned or ventilated.

Abilis generates much less heat than equivalent installations, removing the requirement for external cooling.

Installing a second Abilis device is sufficient to achieve full system redundancy

A typical full backup requires duplicating the whole server rack, doubling the burden on the company.

With Abilis, a full backup requires only installing a second Abilis device.

Services simplification

Minimize the manpower requirements of your installation

Benefit from direct communication with Abilis

Need a specific feature that doesn’t yet exist? Have any complex requirement?

Abilis promotes and places great value in direct communication with customers to solve complex requests and improve its products.

Outsourcing of ITC services can be reduced

Complex installations usually require subscribing to numerous tech support, implementation and management services. When dealing with a single easy-to-use device, it will be possible to perform all these tasks in-house, assisted by Abilis’s helpdesk where needed.

Easy tasks to the user, complex tasks to the Abilis helpdesk

Depending on the level of skill of the user and how much control is needed over the ITC tools provided by Abilis, the tasks can be shared between the user and Abilis helpdesk.

Using a single device means a single control panel and a single helpdesk

Using many devices can create confusion: in event of an outage, finding the faulty device and the responsible helpdesk can be stressful. With Abilis, you will always know who to call when in need for assistance.

Cost Savings

Abilis’s advantages improve cost efficiency and profitability

Direct control over the technologies

Self-managing the network means saving on outsourcing costs.

Expensive lines can be avoided by bundling low-cost lines

Instead of subscribing to a single expensive business internet line, multiple cheaper lines can be bundled to reach the same high throughputs.

VoIP is used on all calls, removing the need for phone calls subscriptions

Phone calls, especially when crossing country borders, can be expensive: routing the calls over the internet line allows to cut those costs.

Expensive ISDN lines are no longer needed except that for backup purposes

ISDN are usually used because of their increased reliability, but can be very expensive: Abilis’s features allows to have the same degree of reliability without requiring them.

Free choice of carriers and network providers

The ability to freely choose the preferred carrier and internet provider allows to make more cost-effective choices.

The modular software allows the user to pay only for the functions in use

Pay only for what you actually use.

Power consumption is reduced

Many devices and their cooling means large power consumptions.

Abilis slashes power consumption, resulting in smaller electrical bills.

Long Life

No more getting rid of perfectly working devices

Software is being constantly developed and new functions added

New features and security updates roll out regularly with automatic firmware upgrades, and with a highly optimized firmware Abilis guarantees a long life to every device.

The hardware Abilis relies on is powerful and reliable

Abilis uses powerful and modern hardware with a high dependability track record.

Interfaces can be easily expanded and new ones installed

Abilis’s modular approach makes creating the perfect interfaces combination possible.

Gradual innovation

Innovation without revolution

Benefit from Abilis improvements without needing to replace existing systems

Abilis can be introduced in your network without removing any of your existing systems, allowing to assess the benefits of Abilis without committing to replacing the whole existing ITC infrastructure.

Gradually transition to Abilis technologies

Reduce the implementation stress and downtime, and increase control over the migration by making a gradual implementation.

New Abilis functionality is activated entirely remotely

The currently unused functionality is always available on the Abilis and only needs to be unlocked by the Abilis helpdesk upon the customer’s request.