High-tech all-in-one telecom and automation devices
from your private manufacturer


About Abilis

Abilis performs all telecom and automation tasks required by well structured companies, with a single machine

Our system is ready to be tailored to your needs. It is developed entirely in-house, and is constantly improved through collaboration with our customers

  • VPN
  • Firewall
  • VoIP
  • Networking
  • Building Automation
  • SoftPBX
  • Internet of Things
  • Video Recorder
  • AbilisPhone
  • Abilis-VMX

VPN Router vpn

With Abilis, creating private networks for data, voice and video is quick and easy

Abilis’s VPN technologies allow for practical monitoring through the dedicated graphical interface

Abilis is also able to create virtual networks that make use of multiple internet connections: this allows to reach higher throughput or lower latency, and to greatly increase the connection’s reliability

The network can be easily set up and maintained, with or without helpdesk support

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AbilisPhone vpn

Take internal company calls on your smartphone

AbilisPhone is a calling application which converts the smartphone into a headset linked to the company’s Abilis switchboard

The app also allows to control remotely switches and devices that are integrated on your Abilis

Find out more about AbilisPhone

Deep integration vpn

All Abilis features are programmed for adaptability

As the internet router and the PBX are in the same machine, Abilis gives priority to phone calls, guaranteeing high quality audio even on small available bandwidths.

Those optimisations and integrations have been developed system wide: you will for instance be able to control your building automation through phone calls, and much more!

SoftPBX vpn

Abilis efficiently automates business phone lines and calls

The intuitive graphical interface of Abilis’s SoftPBX allows to manage calls efficiently with simple controls, while still offering a large number of advanced features

Phones of any type can be connected to Abilis, ranging from traditional analog phones to modern PC softphones

Find out more about the Abilis SoftPBX

Building Automation vpn

Control every aspect of your building thanks to Abilis’s newest technology

Abilis records and handles events from a range of sensors, and pilots switches and devices following user-defined rules

Thanks to its refined rule-building interface, you will not be required to write code to control your devices. Abilis will write it for you!

Find out more about the Abilis Building Automation

Abilis-VMX vpn

Run virtual machines on Abilis without any loss of performance

Abilis can run unmodified Windows or Linux software on the same Abilis machine, on dedicated CPU cores to prevent any performance degradation

Both parts run on real (non-emulated) hardware: there is no loss of performance and can communicate through a shared memory, thus enabling any kind of advanced application.

Find out more about the Abilis-VMX

Why Choose Abilis

Abilis offers a way to implement conventional and tailored technologies thanks to a direct dialog with Abilis experts, while in the same time minimising the logistic and economic burden

Long Life vpn

Abilis equipment can stay in service for many years

  • Software is being constantly developed and new functions added
  • The hardware Abilis relies on is powerful and reliable
  • Interfaces can be easily expanded and new ones installed

Gradual innovation vpn

Abilis allows to innovate without revolution

  • The existing systems do not need to be replaced to be able to benefit from Abilis improvements
  • Abilis allows to gradually transition to its technologies, reducing stress in phase of implementation
  • New Abilis functionality is activated entirely remotely: no manual operation is required

Hardware simplification vpn

Integrating all sercices in a single device greatly reduces the amount of hardware required by your company

  • Cabling and space usage is minimized
  • Hardware installation and maintenance is reduced
  • Air conditioning or ventilation is no longer required
  • Installing a second Abilis device is sufficient to achieve full system redundancy

Services simplification vpn

Abilis helps users to increase their control over their communication systems.

  • Benefit from direct communication with Abilis
  • Outsourcing of ITC services can be reduced
  • Easy tasks can be performed by the user, while complex tasks can be handled remotely by the Abilis helpdesk
  • Using a single device means having to use only one control panel and having as contact a single helpdesk

Cost savings vpn

Integration improves cost efficiency and profitability

  • Direct control over the technologies
  • Expensive lines can be avoided by bundling low-cost lines to sum their throughput
  • VoIP is used on all calls, removing the need for phone calls subscriptions
  • Free choice of carriers and network providers
  • The modular software allows the user to pay only for the functions in use
  • Power consumption is reduced

The Team behind Abilis

antek is an IT hardware and software engineering company, founded in 1980 in Mantova, Italy

antek currently employs 50 engineers and developers from all around Europe

Our company policy is to develop world-class long-lasting products, which are completely developed in-house

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